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Welcome to Amy's Edibles, home of Amy's Famous Rib Rub. We create specialty spices and other food-based, all-natural products and get them to you fresh and ready to use! Our no-hassle shipping policy ensures that you are satisfied... or you don't pay! The products you receive will be exactly as we describe it on this site. Our reputation for outstanding service and unparalleled food is well-deserved. We  boast a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Once you try our rib rub, your backyard barbeques will never be the same!  Our seasonings will take your special creations to a whole new level.  All you need to do is have enough to go around, because once the aroma starts to permeate, the crowds will gather!  Take a look at our products, and decide for yourself.  Enjoy!

Check out our all-natural sugar hand and body scrubs ... they are great for moisturizing dried-out skin!

Just in time for the holidays ... if you order $25 or more, use code FREESHIP to get free shipping on your entire order! 


(When you place an order, your credit card statement will show a charge from our parent company, Modern Staffing and Security.)

 All products are homemade!

Amy's Edibles

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